Sunday, June 12, 2011

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Border raids bad for EAC


Posted Sunday, June 12 2011 at 13:06

It is about time Kenya and Ethiopia ended the incessant raids occurring at their borders. Key among the causes of these raids is poverty and climatic change that has affected the livelihoods of pastoral communities that occupy the region.

It is encouraging that the two governments have realised there is a need to address the conflict arising from shared resources. The Turkana in Kenya, Toposa in Sudan and Merille in Ethiopia come from the same stock. But the struggle for survival occasioned by the harsh environment in which they live in has led to unending feuds between communities, with dire consequences.

The East African Community cannot sit quietly and let such age old malpractices as cattle rustling persist with impunity. The the continued conflict will only lead to the proliferation of small arms as each community desperately tries to protect itself.

The two countries have recognised the need to strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation. This is particularly important to Kenya that is spearheading the regional economic integration. Experience has proved that cross-border trade and social interaction is the antidote of ethnic prejudices.


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