Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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The militia crossed into Kenya through Lake Turkana

The Kenyan government has beefed up security along the Kenya-Ethiopia border following Monday's attack by the Merille militia from Ethiopia that left 20 Kenyans dead.

According to internal security PS Francis Kimemia, members of the Merille militia crossed over into the country through Lake Turkana killing one Kenyan and injuring another.

This prompted members of the Turkana community to trail the raiders and kill four of them.

It was an altercation that was to prove costly after word of the retaliatory attack spread to neighboring Ethiopia prompting a violent reprisal by the raiders' kinsmen that resulted in the death of 19 more Kenyans.

A security team led by Rift Valley Provincial Commissioner Osman Warfa and Turkana North MP John Munyes and officials from Ethiopia was on Tuesday holed up in a security meeting. A similar session is due to be held between the Kenyan government and a governor from Ethiopia.

The Kenyan government has since written a protest letter to Ethiopia over the incident.

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